Monitor crypto crime incidents

The powerful and easy-to-use Blockchain Monitor allows investigative teams to aggregate and correlate a range of suspicious indicators and generate a detailed, cataloged report of transactions. In addition, the reports can also be used for implicating charges against criminals.


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Analyze criminal activities

Merkle Science allows users to generate and file Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) or Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) and maintain records of transaction analysis within a single platform which can also be shared with law enforcement agencies as evidence for investigations. Organizations also have the flexibility to download PDF reports which can be used for SAR/STR filings


Build a stronger, more defensible case

With Merkle Science, you can monitor your business for high risk transactions and block them before they’re processed without disrupting your core business activity. We also provide detailed, actionable reports to assist with AML and FATF compliance.

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Wallet monitoring

Transaction & Wallet Monitoring

Crypto Businesses need to prevent fraud and comply with AML / CTF regulations. Our transaction monitoring and automated risk reports make it easy to identify risky transactions and respond quickly.

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Intelligence Reports

Our in-house analysts provide due diligence reports, audit, investigation and risk analysis for companies, to help you make informed business decisions.

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