For Crypto Businesses

Automate compliance and AML processes
to easily acquire a license, screen transactions, accept crypto payments and comply with local and global regulations.

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For Financial Institutions

Understand, evaluate and mitigate
crypto and fiat AML exposure and counterparty risk. Confidently transact with corporate and retail crypto customers.

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For Government Agencies

Forensically investigate crypto crime, track stolen cryptocurrency and identify criminals. Generate detailed reports to use as evidence and support expert witness testimony.

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Go Beyond The Blacklists

Harness predictive blockchain transaction monitoring to identify & block sophisticated criminals who operate outside bad actor databases.

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The Predictive Risk & Intelligence Platform


Prevent fraud and comply with AML, KYC and CFT regulations using our behavior-based transaction monitoring and risk reporting solution. Easily identify suspicious transactions on and beyond the blacklists and respond immediately.

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Trace stolen crypto, uncover hidden patterns in data, identify exit nodes and expose criminals with our investigation solution. Enhance and streamline investigative processes to improve success and generate detailed evidence reports.

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Learn from the crypto crime investigation and compliance experts. Our tailored courses improve participants’ ability to detect, investigate and prevent crypto crime. Certified alumni are also better able to understand and comply with regulations and use their qualifications to advance their careers.

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Make informed business decisions empowered by a full understanding of retail and corporate exposure. Easily perform due diligence on crypto businesses, counterparties and customers (KYBB), flag risky transactions and generate risk reports (EDD).

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Trusted by 50+ companies

Merkle Science is a known and trusted name in the industry. More than just the years of experience they bring with them, they have long been recommended by the Singapore Fintech Association for their strict compliance with industry regulations.

Zac Cheah
Zac Cheah

Co-founder and CEO, Pundi X

Merkle Science’ impressive suite of blockchain transaction monitoring solutions immediately supported our efforts to comply with the latest AML/CFT regulations, and provides real time results that are of great value add for digital asset businesses.

Gerry Eng
Gerry Eng

Co-founder and CTO, Coinhako

Trusted by 50+ companies


Improve exp
Crypto guide

A guide to UK regulations for crypto businesses

Read this comprehensive overview of current and forthcoming UK regulations, the FCA’s registration procedure and AML/CFT compliance requirements. Vital reading for those operating in or entering the market.

Claire Cummings
Claire C, Managing Partner, Cummings Pepperdine
April 5, 2021
11 min read
Boost conversion

Hack Track | Bitfinex hack fund movement analysis

In 2016 nearly $72M BTC was stolen from Bitfinex, causing the trading price to plunge by 20%. Where did those funds go and what does their recent movement mean for crypto businesses?

Nirmal AK
Nirmal AK, CTO, Merkle Science
April 16, 2021
6 min read

5 key takeaways from the UK’s regulation roadmap

The UK is witnessing a tectonic shift in its crypto regulatory landscape. Explore the key themes from our recent webinar featuring experts from CryptoUK, XReg Consulting and Cummings Pepperdine.

Tom Luo
Tom L, Director, Merkle Science
April 17, 2021
4 min read

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